More than 100 years ago, Uncle Tobas began to build caves as he needed to put up his family of ten children and his two shepherds Curro and Tino. He did all the work during the winter, when the rain and the snow made impossible to do any agricultural works. 

The main cave of Uncle Tobas had 17 rooms, so the hill where it was situated was drilled with many exterior windows, dug out by the Panderos.


Uncle Tobas, a prudent and calm man, as you can deduce from the photograph, was the Mayor of Alcudia de Guadix, and his main occupation was farming. When he made wine, he set up a bar which remained open to the public until the harvest was over. For that reason, his cave was known as “Uncle Tobas’ Country Inn”.

At that time, a horse-drawn carriage went round the cave region as if it were a modern bus route. The local people from the Marquesado used this carriage to go to Guadix to sell their eggs.

We can get an idea of Uncle Tobas’ character from the following anecdote:

In the region there was a Gentleman named Don Hipólito who was so rich that the legend said he counted his money with instruments used to weigh the grain. Don Hipólito found himself in a difficult situation and he sold his houses to Uncle Tobas. Sometime later, when he was completely ruined, Uncle Tobas allowed him the use of one of his houses until the gentleman died.